Yamie is a very mysterious woman and a tenant of flat 4 of Samidaresou.

Personality Edit

She only wears black ones such as, long-brimmed hat, leather gloves, blouse, long skirt and high-heeled shoes. Her black attire looks as a sigh of mourning. And she hangs out a pendant of skull as large as a fist on her neck. Her age and occupation are not unknown and she talks Shinkuro that she has not done labour. She is a smoker and tends to sit on a branch of tree in evening. She tames a black cat called David. She calls Shinkuto as "boy" and she seems to favourite him. When Shinkuro is embarrassed, she gives him some advises.

Anime Edit

She basically wears more variable black attire rather than novel. She talks Shinkuro as if she has yielded with fortune forecast, but it is not defined because of her habitual utterance. She is very tone-deaf, but she is a little conscious. She is a connoisseur of Japanese TV series "Taiyo ni Hoero! (Howl to the Sun!)". In pre-recording, she implied that she is an acquaintance of Benika much like novel, but it is removed when the episode is aired.