Murasaki Kuhouin is a seven-year-old beautiful, bright and indulgent girl who attends class 3 of first year of public school as number 8 of attendance.

A daughter of Kuhoin, the most prominent clan of Omotegosanke.

Background Edit

She is officially known as the daughter of Renjo Kuhoin and his wife, but actually, her mother is Renjo's biological sister, Aoki. Because Kuhoin can only gain biological children by incests. It's caused by several times done and therefore, harmed their reproductions. Kuhoin's women are permanently locked up in Okunoin, the secluded retreat for only incubating children in order to mask the awful facts. She is ignored in Kuhoin's family tree and didn't attend school. But Benika Juzawa got in Okunoin for her friend Aoki's promise that "If a girl will be born, please realise her single wish." and asked Murasaki. Murasaki answered, "I want to love something.". She was taken to Shinkuro who Benika instinctively believes and she is getting intimate to Shinkuro in the cohabitation.

Personality Edit

She sincerely yearns Shinkuro as "interactive sweetheart" and indicates that she will marry him. Her personality is naive to herself, cheerful and indulgent, but she quite disapproves of solitude and thirsts to be fondled. She is sincere to her wrong behaviours or manners. She is alienated from commonsenses by Okunoin's education and curious to ask Shinkuro her unknown things. But her questions are often "too early to know" for seven-year-old girl therefore Shinkuro tends to be reluctant to answer her. Her tendency seems to be implied by Tamaki. Her instinct can distinguish lies. She behaves childish suitably as her age, but she retaliates when she is carelessly treated or revolted. She can usually behave crying with eye lotion, but she cannot lie the ones whom seriously treat her. She disputes Hozuki's first daughter Yuno over Shinkuro. And she kissed Shinkuro when she is 7 as the first time. She loves Shinkuro and her biological mother Aoki but dislikes sweet peppers. In the first Drama CD, she calls herself as "Murasaki" instead of pronoun.

Anime Edit

In anime, not much like novel, she doesn't have curly pigtail and her visage slightly varies from novel. She uses "watashi" as pronoun referring to herself and often uses "Murasaki" instead of it. In Kuhoin's manor, she mostly wore kimonos and when taken to Samidaresou, she wore furisode. She can wear and take off kimonos alone, but not used to wear clothes whose zippers. Not much like novel, she doesn't behave crying with eye lotion. She borrows Shinkuro a mobile phone. Her curious and indulgent personality is similar to novel. She has been frustrated to Shinkuro whom doesn't behave ruthless to the brutal rogues because of her stronger sincerity. Her affection to Shinkuro is not definite as much as novel. She finally left in home for fighting Kuhoin clan.